Services We Provide

Providing high quality services to Medical professionals, practices and hospitals all over the world.


Medical Transcription.

We provide medical transcription with 99% quality and adhere to TAT set by our clients.

Our transcription team follows comprehensive quality assurance programs, which lead to accurate and complete medical transcription.


Medical Billing.

We consider medical billing as a process in itself.

We are aggressive in making sure our clients get paid in a timely and accurately manner while strictly adhering to coding and reimbursement guidelines.


Medical Coding.

Accurate and Error-Free Medical Coding

not only ensures that medical claims are reimbursed timely, but also takes care that you get paid optimally.


Radiology Transcription.

When it comes to our medical transcriptionists

NectoWave MedRecord employs only the very best.


Medical Scribes

Accurate and Affordable Medical Scribe Service

Our virtual scribe services aim to cut more than 2+ hours of documentation time out of physicians' daily schedule, saving time and money.


EMR Transcription.

Improve EHR Usability, Simply Dictate!

Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that helps achieve meaningful use and strengthen physician satisfaction by allowing clinicians to easily complete their documentation.

24/7 Support

Expert 100% support is always available to you on the phone or in person. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have people standing by who can answer your questions. We provide technical support or any other support you need; Feel Free to Call.